Petroleum Exploration Status in Nepal

Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project (PEPP)/ Department of Mines and Geology (DMG) has carried out geological, geochemical and geophysical studies in southern parts of the country with the technical and financial assistance of the IDA/World Bank.

The geological data includes regional to detailed surface geological mapping, stratigraphy, and structural studies at known oil and gas seeps and analysis of the major rock units to determine the quality of prospective reservoirs, seals and source rocks. The geophysical studies include gravity, aeromagnetic and seismic survey. The gravity survey provides Bouguer maps over the entire Terai area while the aeromagnetic survey provides comprehensive data over both the Terai and Siwalik fold belt. Over 5,000 line Km of multi-fold seismic data acquired since 1982 provides regional seismic coverage of most of the Terai and limited coverage in the Siwalik. A number of valuable geophysical interpretation reports exist in the PEPP/DMG.

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